Peter Ferreira defies stereotypes and has carved a permanent place in music history as a professional concert violinist and showman. He has leveraged a career as a professional violinist, author, beekeeper, adventurer and conservationist. Unfortunately, due to a serious accident and injury to his left hand on September 8 2017, Peter Ferreira is no longer performing or teaching music.

Critical Acclaim

“His artistry is testament to his appreciation of music and the important role it plays in his life.” 
Isaac Stern – Read Letter 


“One of the very rare Portuguese violinists in the United States…
An emigrant of the violin

Mundo Portugues


“Mr. Ferreira, among so many talented great violinists of our time, has a rare quality, which I do admire. The fact that he does not take for granted the “built in” tone quality of the instrument and he is also able to project a beautiful, golden tone; this quality should be noticed in our epoch, in which speed, volume and technical abilities prime above interpreting music…
Tom Bourne
The Village Voice, NYC


“Listening to Peter Ferreira and Timothy Wallace makes you embark in fantasy and the sweet pleasure of the senses..”
Comunidades USA – Mar 2007


“Peter’s playing was a reminder that being a great violinist involves more than nailing all the right notes. It involves having musical courage. And if you have personal courage to back it up, as Peter does, so much the better.”
Amy Ullman – Music Education Professor. SCSU


“Mr. Ferreira has a way of taking something that seems way above my level of understanding and can explain, even demonstrate it, in simple terms. I think his love of music is magnified through his even greater gift – teaching!”
Judy O’Connor, Ridgefield CT


“..he teaches the whole piece, the melody, the chords, the harmonies and backup parts. It’s learning in depth, not just how to play notes, but how to get inside the music.”
Paul Pereira, Manhattan NY


“…well versed in his music knowledge and willing to share it.”
D. Murphy, Waterbury CT


“…excellent training, experience, and most importantly
a positive and encouraging teaching style.”

B. Volles, Southbury CT


Welcome to Peter Ferreira’s official site where you can learn more about the adventures of a former professional award winning violinist, recording artist his life as a dedicated father of three kids, three dogs, one parakeet, three finches, twelve chickens and his 1000,000 plus Honey Bees. Peter is a very active business owner, a scubaholic, master beekeeper, a busy outdoors man, great cook and animal lover that is originally from Portugal but lives with his family in the great United States of America.

Critically acclaimed violinist, recording artist, composer, author, life coach, explorer, beekeeper and environmentalist, Peter Ferreira was described in Comunidades USA Magazine as one of the most celebrated Portuguese-born violinist of the modern era… Since a very young age, Peter spent his formative years training as a classical musician, surrounded by many of the violin masters of the ages… From J.S. Bach to Piazzolla, Peter’s astounding energy and infectious passion along with his seasoned golden tone performances have an abundant hot Mediterranean influence, sure to captivate the audience!

Although classically trained, Peter was equally comfortable performing classical music as he was playing rock, jazz, tango, world music or his own Portuguese folk idiom and was a rare musician who defied definition. A kind of universal musician so rarely encountered in our time . Peter’s crossover performances included music from the classical masterpieces to pop, rock, jazz, world music and Latin repertoire to name a few and as opted to “fuse” the new and the old together. He was highly regarded as a virtuoso soloist on a symphonic stage, but equally as comfortable in front of an audience with a rock band behind him.

He was a very active violinist since the age of 6, inspired by his grandfather, also a violinist. At the age of 9 he entered the Music Conservatory in Coimbra, Portugal, where he studied with violin pedagogue Dario Peixoto.  Since a very young age, Peter spent his formative years training as a classical musician, surrounded by many of the violin masters of the ages…  In 1988, Danbury High School awards Peter with a Senior Orchestra Award. Mr. Ferreira has received various awards during his years in high school and while pursuing a performance degree in college. Peter Ferreira studied with such great violinists as Mara Milkis, Erick Friedman, James Graseck and Isaac Stern. He also participated in master classes with Pinchas Zukerman and Itzhak Perlman.

Peter was described by the late violinist Erick Friedman to have an “astounding energy and infectious passion…” and  NYT described Peter as “…a seasoned violinist with an European influence, sure to captivate the audience.” Mr. Ferreira is also described in Comunidades-USA Magazine as “one of the most celebrated Portuguese-born violinist of the modern era…”  and Mundo Portugues Magazine described Mr. Ferreira as “One of the very rare Portuguese violinists in the United States… An emigrant of the violin”

As a soloist, Mr. Ferreira was repeatedly praised for the beauty of is tone, the depth and flair of his musicianship, and his rare balance of virtuosity and sensitivity. He performed as soloist with orchestras and ensembles in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. He was also the founder of the Dresden String Quartet in 1998, and performed as its first violinist through 2002.

In April 2006, Peter Ferreira and long time friend Paulo Soares arranged and recorded various pieces of traditional Portuguese Coimbra Fado Music in his hometown Coimbra. Marking a new era in this genre of music with a combination of instruments (violin/Portuguese guitar) never done before.

In 2008, Peter Ferreira traveled to his hometown, Coimbra, per invitation of the University and Town of Coimbra, where he performed a live concert at the famous Jardim da Sereia with guitarist Paulo Soares (Port. guitar). Later that year, composer Don Nardo, composed a double concerto for violin, guitar and orchestra, introducing the Portuguese Guitar into a pure classical setting for the first time and dedicated it to Mr. Ferreira.

Mr. Ferreira is also an avid explorer and environmentalist and was involved for many years in The International Oceanus Society.

Currently, Peter Ferreira is the owner of Ferreira Homestead & Apiary and NetPro Agency. After a serious accident that left him unable to perform or play the violin, Peter turned to a new chapter of his life by pursuing the love for beekeeping fulltime and teaching about beekeeping and the importance of pollinators. He is a third generation beekeeper and he is also finishing a second Master Beekeeper Certification from Cornell University.