Deer hunting predictions for 2018

Estimated population: The state has no current population estimate, but deer densities range from about 15 to 45 deer per square mile.

Fall 2017-18 harvest: 12,080 (13 percent increase from the 2016 harvest)

Overall outlook: Howard Kilpatrick, deer program biologist with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said the 2018 outlook is good. “Most populations are stable,” he said. “Older bucks are found throughout state but (are) best in areas adjacent to large tracts of lands closed to hunting.”

Potential Fall 2018 hotspots: Kilpatrick said the southwestern and northeastern deer management zones tend to be productive for hunters.

Quick tip: “Look for productive oak trees with an abundance of acorns,” Kilpatrick said. “In the absence of acorns, focus on green fields. Don’t overscout your hunting area, to minimize human disturbance.”